Geek Serv is happy to manage your online presence and marketing efforts. Our team helps businesses understand where and how best to reach potential Clients. We use combinations of proven online marketing techniques to increase targeted traffic to your website and online spaces.

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Online Marketing Strategy.

Our team tailors a strategy to drive targeted leads to your website and web spaces. We create and place content, make online media buys, utilize partnership networks, and build your brand online. Our analysts monitor your performance and adjust programming to improve results.

Competitive Analysis.

We determine the keywords that have the most value to you, and work to improve your ranking. Our strategists assess your competitors’ online activities and look under the hood. We counter program to give you a competitive advantage.

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Website Design & Redesign.

Our web designers are experts at building websites that have great user experience and are very simple to navigate. Our goal is to make sure visitors can find the information they’re looking for in the most obvious way.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Ensuring that your website is ranking organically on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! is essential to organic growth. We work with you to identify desired keywords, do our own competitive research, and craft content that ranks. On top of all of that, we work with a variety of publishers to get your business recognized across the internet.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Search Engine Marketing is a great solution to get in front of your customers. We support you in making wise, reasonable investments in online advertising to get your message in front of target consumers in a meaningful way. We handle your campaigns, monitor your analytics, and make timely adjustments to your strategy and execution… So you don’t have to.

Digital Media Planning, Management, and Buying.

Our team identifies the platforms your customers are using and creates a strategy so reach them at the right place and time. Once identified, we build out your ad campaigns and optimize them as we go to improve results.

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